Facebook AI Shutdown

Recently Facebook shutdown their Artificial intelligence software unit which was meant to discuss trading, bartering, communication in business. The two pairs of robots used in the above research started using their own language other than English language to communicate between themselves. This made the scientists wonder and before the Robots can master and invade humans, […]

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My Brother

My mentor#ideal#support system..!!

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Raksha Bandan

Eagerly waiting for this day as i would get gifts from my brother. Raksha Bandan is an Indian festival celebrated every year on full moon day of Shravan month. In this year it is on 7th of August. Raksha means protection and bandan means a tie#knot#bond between brother and sister. This festival shows the love […]

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Science Express Train

Science Express Train is initiative of Government to encourage school children towards Science. This train moves all over India, stopping at designated places for particular days. The main aim is to create awareness among children & also all the people about protecting environment &  nature conservation. In Mumbai the science express is at CST railway […]

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