!! Occasions !!

By hearing the name of the word chocolates…!! Our mouth waters isn’t it ? Does your mom stops you from eating chocolates ..? As it may contain lot of calories#fats n blah blah blah !!!

My mother is fond of cooking. My friends always used to tell her to make chocolates !! She used to love making chocolates for us. But nowadays due to the busy life she hardly get time to cook. Sooo for all our problems here we present  Occasions  !!!! Celebrate your happinesss with !! Occasions !!

These chocolates are made from special multi grain aata, which is not only safe to eat but also nutritional for health. Instead of milk we have used slim milk#Cocoa powder#Butter etc. Youngsters love to eat chocolates but due to high fats and would gain weight, they usually avoid it.

During Menstrual Cycle for healing stomach ache girls eat lot of chocolates. Normal chocolates contain a lot of sweet and sugar ,They can switch to these chocolates.Screenshot_2018-04-09-05-32-18_1Screenshot_2018-04-09-05-32-24_1Screenshot_2018-04-09-05-32-37_1

Contact us,its cheaper#healthier#tastier !!


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