Yeah..!! excited for my trip to Goooaaaaaa….!!!! For the first time i am going to goa for five days with my college friends…!!!! Here some info about the Goa state :

Goa is the smallest state of India having a national highway road span of only 120 kms North to South and around 80 kms East to West. Though is the smallest state in India has the highest bank saving deposit. 

That it is the only state in India, having two official state languages Konkani and Marathi. Konkani is the only Indian language that is written in Five scripts, Devnagri#Roman Kannada Malyalam#Perso-Arabic script.  Devanagari is the official script used to write Konkani in Goa and Maharashtra. 

India has only two temples dedicated to Brahma of Hindu Trinity. One is in Rajasthan and other in Goa.

It is the only state where the state road transport is named after an age of old dynasty called Kadamba. It is the only place where one can hire a two wheeler taxi called pilots. One can register car#bike or any other vehicle online from the dealers directly which started since June 2006, and one need not go to R.T.O office for registration.

The first printing press of Asia was installed in Goa at St.Paul’s college in 1556.                     The first medical school of Asia was established in Goa in 1842 at Panaji, demolished in 2004.  

It is the second state after Orissa where the world famous Olive Ridley Turtles come to lay their eggs on Morjim beach.

So the people who thinks that Goa is the only place for Beaches and Bottles…You can tell them these amazing points about the state Goa.

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