No other exams can be compared when it comes to an engineering exams…!! An engineer  is a creator#artist#mathematician#programmer#developer#motivator#inspiration to many other people’s.

He#she is a most productive#creative person at the last minute of exams. The first year comprises of 12 different subjects in which it consists assignments#homeworks#notebook submitions#vivas#internals#external exams and the most hardtasking#battle winning achievement is the semester i.e final exams.

A drawing subject is included where they test the creativity of every student by giving them questions to draw 3D objects from 2D and vice versa. I love to draw and color the objects, In schools i got many prizes for drawing competitions but when it comes to engineering drawing …!! Ufff……….!!! A creative person can only do that drawing with perfection.

 A happiest moment for a student is when a topper#scholar sits in front of him during exams.

               All the best to all my friends…!! The journey has just started guys we need to go through a lot..! in four year.    



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