E cell is an entrepreneurship cell of Usha Mittal Institute Of Technology  (UMIT) is a non-techninal council which provides great opportunities for students to develop our entrepreneurial and management skills through various activities . The main motive of this council is to improve our management skills#leadership skills#marketing#creativity #to gain confidence#to communicate with others…!!

I am very glad that I am a part of this council !! Apart from my technical knowledge I am able to develop my management skills. Aparna Di the Chairperson and Rashmi Di the Cordinator of our council, have always been our support systems in motivating us to do#to gain confidence among ourself#how to convey or convince people#how to communicate with others. Whenever we have some issues among our group Rashmi Di and all other seniors help us to sort out our matters !!

Today on 7th of October 2017 E cell organised a start up bootcamp . It was a one day seminar Cum workshop event where we able to know about successful startups#ideas and to develop our own start-ups . The session was conducted by Sherina Kapany founder of sun Strategic and by Zareen Shaikh CEO of Yourmentorz and Digitalmarketerz.

Sherina Kapany is not only a name but an inspiration for many women. She is a true entrepreneur at heart. By her dedication and hard Work towards her company within 3 years she was awarded with best Organization for women’s talent development and also for her inspirational effort for encouraging and developing the source for women.

Talking about Zareen Shaikh ,She has completed her MBA marketing from Mumbai University and BCA graduate from SNDT  Womens University. She has 3 yrs of Industry Technical experience plus 6 yrs of teaching experience.  Both of them are truely a role model for us. We are  thankful to them for giving us the idea about start-ups and motivating us to be independent.

The later half session was conducted by one of our UMIT professor Pratima Tiwari about Personality Development. She explained in very beautiful manner to improve our personality development. She conducted games#other activities related to personal development. I loved the session as she was connecting our real life experiences and giving examples about how to develop  our skills .IMG-20171007-WA0013IMG-20171007-WA0041IMG-20171007-WA0042Screenshot_2017-10-07-22-35-54_1


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