9 Days Awesome Days

The Festival of Navratri is of nine days where Devi comes to bless us. These nine days are the most enthusiastic days for all the people. People clean their houses#decorate with flowers#leaves to welcome Devi.Some people fast on all nine days where as some others fast on the first and the last day of Navratri. There are nine forms of Goddess Devi which are as follows :

  1. Sailaputri
  2. Brahmacharini
  3. Chandraghanta
  4. Kusamanda
  5. Skandamata
  6. Katyayani
  7. Kalaratri
  8. Mahagauri
  9. Siddhidatri                                                                                                                                      These nine forms are worshipped during the nine days.

Gujarat is the place where navratri is celebrated playing Garba. Garba is the traditional dance form of Gujarat. The nine days is a festival for the people where they sing songs of Devi mantra all night. Pooja of Devi is done with aratis#mantas#vedas#sholkas of devi. 


Goddess Devi is adorned with specific color of sari each day. The tenth day of the festival is Dasera. It is a mark of victory of good over evil. Lord Rama, the king of Ayodhya kills Ravana, the king of Lanka and returns home along with Sita. The nine days colour code for the year 2k17 is as follows :

21st September : yellow  

22nd September : green

23rd September : grey

24th September : orange

25th September : White

26th September : red

27th September : Royal blue

28th September : pink

29th September : purple

30th September : your favorite color. 


 !! Wish U All A Very Happy Navratri !! 

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