Freshers Dae

The most awaited day…!! From the day one of my college I had been asking everyone that when freshers party would be organised. I was so excited for the party.

Finally the day came, yesterday{11/09/2017) was my freshers party. We all were excited thinking as to what to wear what all things to be done blah blah..!! Theme of the party was masquerade.imag1429.jpg


The party hall was decorated beautifully by the senior students council to welcome freshers. It was a red carpet entry for us, We felt as if we are princess of any kingdom.

At the beginning of the party Principal sir spoke some valuable words for our future hopes.

There was a round for the selection of Miss fresher 2k17 which comprised of many sub rounds or tasks which the participants has to do #introduction#dancing#singing#general knowledge questions#questions related to college and many more.

We played many games and also there was DJ , everyone’s favourite time., And finally by 8pm food had been served to us. We enjoyed a lot# A Memorable Dae.    Screenshot_2017-09-12-20-01-27_1IMAG1436


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