Happy Teachers Day

Today is the day we can thank our teachers for their endless efforts for making our careers bright. I thank all my teachers especially my Mother . She is my first teacher who taught me how to be selfless# to help others # not to harm others even if they do something wrong with us. For my career she used to get up early in the morning to make tiffins for us. So that we should eat health food . She is the only one who gets up early in the morning and also she is the one person who goes late night to bed completing all household chores . Thank you so much mom for everything..!! I am very thankful to god that he gave me you as my Mother. Luv u maa..!! Forgive me for all mischief behaviours !!

Hey guys..!! On this day do wish ur parents !! A very Happy Teacher’s Day !! They are the only shining stars in our life, always in our support#love#guidance.. Even where we feel lonely or anything bad happens to us. The first person that comes in our mind is our mother .

Here are some quotes to wish all our teachers on this day .

Mother may be educated or not but she is the best teacher from whom we can learn how to show care and affection . A Happy Teachers day to all Mothers and Teachers .

I found guidance # disciple # friendship #love and everything in one person and that person is you. Wish u a very Happy Teacher’s Day !!

You are not only our teachers , you are our friend # philosopher # guide . We would always be grateful for your support . Happy Teacher’s Day .

You are the only one to show us our passion # to inspire us to do more# to never let us fall down # to guide us in proper way # to motivate us to achieve anything . A very Happy Teacher’s Day .Screenshot_2017-09-05-15-34-09_1




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