29th August 2017

IMAG1295Mumbai will never forget this day. It’s the second time ever in Mumbai . The first time was happened on 26 July 2005 .

Continuously from 3 days without non-stop it was raining very heavily. Rain started from the day of Ganpati Bappa arrived i.e. on 25th August 2017.

We were already frustrated as we had our college as working day. On a rainy day with the heavy loads of bag we went to attend the college. Seeing the drastic climate change that they gave us half day leave. We all were very happy but we had great trouble while returning to home. The water was up to my knees.

The buses#trains#taxis#autos were stopped due to floods. But we were very lucky to catch the last train.Every one was tensed seeing the climate . Slowing we reached home. Some of my friends were stuck at station till late night’s. But I am thankful to god that they reached home safely.

At that time everybody was helping each other. The NGOs were supplying food and water to the people who were stuck . Many people had spend their nights at stations or at their relatives home.

At morning the climate was cleared. It was a bright sunny morning . I hope the people who lost their homes in this disaster would get help from government.

The main reason for this disaster may be our carelessness towards environment. In school days we had a poem on this , that if we fail to protect our mother earth or leave behind our responsibilities towards environment then the mother earth would definitely punish us in some or other way. It may be in floods#droughts#cyclone…!! So it the responsibility of each and every citizen to take care of our mother earth.Screenshot_2017-09-03-18-44-38_1IMAG1296


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