My Brother

 ” Yoo bro this page is for you. Tomorrow, 12th August is your birthday, being your little sister, don’t expect any gift from me. Yeah but I do expect you to give me many chocolates…!!! So Many Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day to You !!! May God bless you with lot of happiness and success in life.” 

No matter how annoying he is but always ends up making me smile. Most annoying and irritating person ever but I still love him a lot.He is only person in my life who cares like a mother# protects like a father and motivates and never let me fall down in any situation.

Starting from 1st std till now he has always supported me#encouraged me to do#to learn new things. He is my ideal and I always try to become like him. Yeah i know its a difficult task no one can be like him , He is the only one{Special person} but i do know that he will help me to do that#to be bold#confident#creative learner#new ideas…!!!  So I thank him to be there for me in every step of my life and to never let me fall apart.

And I want many chocolates..!!! Once again Happy Birthday To you . May your day would be with lot of surprises and joyful. Enjoy#Have fun..!! Screenshot_2017-08-11-22-50-43_1


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