Raksha Bandan

Eagerly waiting for this day as i would get gifts from my brother.

Raksha Bandan is an Indian festival celebrated every year on full moon day of Shravan month. In this year it is on 7th of August.

Raksha means protection and bandan means a tie#knot#bond between brother and sister.

This festival shows the love bond between brother and sister. In this sister ties a thread knot called Rakhi on brothers wrist and prays for his brothers happiness and well being. In return brother promises her to protect in every stage of her life and gives her a gift#present.

This is the only festival where all cousin brothers#sisters who stay far away from each other come together to celebrate this festival joyfully.

Since ages this festival is celebrated and there are many stories about why it is celebrated and who started this festival. Here is the one story Krishna and Draupadi from Mahabharat. Once Krishna cut his little finger while handling sugarcane. The Queen Rukmini ordered her maid to get a bandage cloth. Draupadi who was present there, immediately tore off a part of her saree & bandaged Krishna’s finger. In return Krishna promised to protect her in times of agony and distress. So when she was disrobed in King Dritarashtra’s court, Krishna saved her by providing endless saree.

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