Science Express Train

Science Express Train is initiative of Government to encourage school children towards Science. This train moves all over India, stopping at designated places for particular days. The main aim is to create awareness among children & also all the people about protecting environment &  nature conservation.

In Mumbai the science express is at CST railway station from 19th July to 22nd July between 10 am to 5 pm. 

All school children will learn about various topics of science and can get information about various topics related to Science & environment.

The trains window is beautifully decorated with  painting done by children from different states of India.

Train is well structured and maintained. Train gives us information related to global warming#green house effects#idea about water shed management#conservation of electricity#solar panels#information about pre- historic moments#wildlife experience#invention of sugarcane pump#irrigation facility#plastic models of pitcher plants#dinosaurs#polar bears#burden on earth and effect due to pollution and many more….!!

School children’s can get many ideas for their science project. Do visit the train.


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