Cartoons..!! The word itself amazes us. Everyone likes to watch cartoons, whoever it may be whether kids or youngsters. It is a complete different world which takes us and let’s us forget about our tensions and stress.

I remember my childhood days. I used to love watching cartoons and fairy tales. Mostly girls are fond of fairy tales and boys are fond of Pokemon#Benten etc. Doremon#Shinchan#Chota bheem#Mr.bean#Tom & Jerry shows are the famous cartoon shows which everyone used to like watching. Fairy tales like snow white and the seven dwarfs#sleeping beauty#cinderella#beauty and the beast..!! is completely a different world which every girls fantasy to experience or to be like a princess.

Nowadays due to this technology kids are busy engrossed in their mobile phones playing games and chatting with friends. They miss the fun behind watching cartoons. Apart from that, some cartoon stories like Ramayan#Mahabharat#Ali baba & forty  thieves#Panchatantra…!!  give us a moral, which is important for a kid to know. He#She get inspiration from such stories. 


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