Happy Guru Purnima To All Teachers

Wishing all the teachers ” Happy Guru Purnima ” .

There are many things to write about our teachers . They play the main role in one’s  life. It’s the teacher who shapes our career# who give proper guidance # who motivates us to do#who inspires us#encourages to excel in our field..!!

A teacher is the one who teaches us the differentiate between right & wrong things and teaches us to follow the right path. She#He is the only person after our parents who supports us in our difficult situations without expecting anything .

A famous proverb : ” School is a Temple And Teacher is our  God “.  A teacher should be treated like a God. As legends tell us that there is a strong relationship or bonding between Guru and Shishya. Guru Shishya bond can be seen between Lord Ram and Guru Vashisht#Lord Krishna and Guru Sandeepani.

Guru transforms the life of a person, as can be seen from the life of Valmiki. Sage Valmiki whose previous name was Ratnakar, used to rob people going through the forest. Once Sage Narad gave him the guru mantra and told him to repeat the name of Lord Rama. Years passed and Ratnakar sat there still repeating the name of Lord Rama. Narad once again appeared and blessed Ratnakar. His whole life is changed and  became a saint because of Guru Narad.

Best example of Guru Dakshina can be seen from the life of Ekalavya. Ekalavya was from a poor family, who learnt archery by keeping statue of dronacharya as he refused to teach him archery . Years passed and he became an excellent archer. In ancient times there had been a practice of guru dakshina where student should give a gift to his teacher for the knowledge he had learnt from him. Dronacharya asked Ekalavya to give thumb of his right hand. Ekalavya knew that without his thumb, he could not practise archery, But without thinking a second he gave his right hand thumb and gifted to him.


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