PhotoGrid_1499176556322Ekadashi is a Sanskrit word which means eleven. The word ekadashi is made up of two words ek meaning one and dashi means ten i.e. ten plus one total eleven (ekadashi).

 Ashadi ekadashi occurs once in a year. It comes in the month of Ashad of the Hindu calendar. On this day people throng to have darshan of lord Vithal at Pandharpur in Maharashtra.The devotees of  Lord Vithal are called warkaris.

There are many stories of ekadashi. God once decided to visit the home of his devotee, Pundalik. When Lord went to his house, Pundalik was busy in serving his parents. Without seeing the Lord, Pundilk asked the Lord to stand on two bricks till the time his service to parents is over. Seeing his dedication towards his parents, Lord agreed to stay in that very form, in the village that is came to  be known as  Pandharpur.

During this period people fast from sunrise on the day of ekadashi to sunrise on the following day. It is believed that during fast we should not consume grains and beans as they are contaminated by sin. During this period people consume water#milk#fruits#vegetables. Those who are having full fast i.e not having anything, they should atleast drink water. As in our stomach acids are released and if we don’t eat anything it stays in  our stomach and it is dangerous to human body. So by drinking water the acids are dissolved in water and are washed away from body. Do take care of your health during these fasting days.

                              !! Wishing you all ” A happy Ekadashi ” !!

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