Many of us face difficulties in reading and writing. During exams, we get tense and we forget the words in essays#comprehension. Even if we know some words we forget to use them in our exam paper.

So here are list of some cool apps in which students can improve their vocabulary#complete assignments#homework#learn new words and their meanings#can increase their speed.

1. VOLT : This app is best for those who have difficulty in words and their meanings.

2. SOCRATIC : This app is best for 5th to 10th std students. Students can take pictures of homework questions with their mobile phones and scan them. It reads the text and responds with pages featuring the solved problem and explain the answer step by step.

3. ELEVATE : This app is best for junior college students to improve communication and analytical skills. By this app we can write better with no grammatical mistakes. One can improve in maths by using this app.

4. KAHOOT : It’s a fun app which shows lessons in a game format. It’s a quiz game. In this app students can answer to the quiz questions and can also create their own quiz.

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