Laughter is the best medicine

When I was small I used to see many old age people group in the garden and laugh out their hearts with hands high in the air . By looking at them, even I used to laugh thinking that they had gone mad. But now I knew the real meaning behind that laughter.

In our busy stress life we forget to smile#laugh which leads to temper and moody…!!

When we were kids we used to smile#laugh a lot, but as we grew, many problems come in our life and we forget to smile#laugh.

Laughter boosts your immune system#diminishes pain#protects from damaging effects of stress#enhances learning#burns calories#lightens heavy loads of stress#helps to live a healthy and happier life ..!!

Give a space for yourself#go out with friends#spend some time with your family..!!

You will see a lot of difference in your life ,you will be able to concentrate on your work#you will be able to face the difficulties without any stress.

Interact#greet people with a smile. This will create a great impression on others.

 Do laugh..!!! And enjoy..!!!

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