We all wait for rains, especially farmers. The word rain brings the smile on our face. It’s the most beautiful season. The climate becomes cool#enchanting and we all love it. It’s the start of a new life of plants on earth. Even trees wait for the rains.

This is the time where many artists like poets compose songs on rain#the painter gets to paint the beautiful scenario in the rain#the photographer gets to click realistic photos of people and nature in the rain..!!!

When we were in schools we purposely not used to carry our umbrellas so that we can play in rain and can have fun..!! We used to sing songs#dance#splash water on each other. After coming home mom used to prepare delicious pakodas#bajjis for us. We all  love to eat hot pakodas#bajjis in cool weather.

Rainy season gives a new hope to the people residing in drought prone areas. Water conservation camps should be set up near those areas. Water is the basic necessity of our daily life. Many people die of drought conditions. They do not get water for many days or sometime they have to travel many miles to get water.  For these people special camps should be set up where water should be provided to needy people.

We people cannot create water but at least we can save water . Instead of using 2 buckets of water for bathing we can use 1 bucket. Left over water in bottles can be used for watering of plants at home. Close the taps properly. See to it that the water is not wasted. Every drop of water counts.  !! Save Water !!

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