Once upon a time there was heaven on the earth. Lord Krishna and Lord Rama themselves used to live here, and help people who were in trouble, it was called as a paradise.

But today the scenario is completely changed. Now we go to temples to have glance of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama and believe that they live in heaven and the heaven is above the sky.

Lord Rama and Lord Krishna gave us the message to keep our earth#the place to be like heaven. Our earth is our mother. As we all keep our home clean, Do keep your surroundings neat and tidy.

We go to many temples there we see many beggars in front of temples sitting whole day in sun and begging. One thing we can do for them, we can offer jobs like cleaning houses or helping orpan childens  to reach shelter home. If necessary every month donate some amout of your money to  needy people.

Plant a seedling#youngster can join social service camps and can help the people#can create awareness about environment to keep it clean#donate blood and save a life ..!!

!! As it is rightly said that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” !!

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