Since the time movies came, Our life has become very joyful. We all love watching movies. It relieves our stress and makes us forget all our tensions.

Every movie gives us the message about life#friendship#love#family..!! Whatever  it may be we learn a lot through movies. Songs and the music makes movies  interesting.

Nowadays through this advance 3D technology we are able to enjoy and experience the scenes lively.

Some children don’t like to read religious books like Mahabarat and Ramayan but we are thankful that we can enjoy seeing these movies in an animated way. 

But do we wonder nowadays we all like to watch movies rather than reading a book about the same movie.

Movies makes the character lively and we enjoy. But reading books is also an important part in our life. It increases our fantasy and our vocabulary. We would be able to think about the characters #the actions while reading a book and can think more ideas about that.

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