Peacock Is A Symbol For Love#Beauty#Grace And Joy.  It Is Known For Its Beautiful Feathers And Romantic Dance In The Rain.

Scientific Name Of Peacock : PAVO CRISTATUS.

Life Span Of Peacocks : 10-25 Years.

A Female Peafowl Is Called As A Peahen, Which Has Drabber Colours And A Shorter Tail Than The Mail.

In Some Parts Of India, Peacock Is Treated With Great Love And Affection.

The Peacock Is A Living Rainbow. The Peacock feathers include colours like black#green#blue#red#orange with a beautiful eye in it. The Feathers Are A Symbol Of Good Luck And Well-Being.

The Peacocks Are Of Three Types Indian Peafowl#Green Peafowl#Congo Peafowl . Many People Believed That Peacock Tend To Dance Before The Rain Comes.

Earlier These Peacocks Were Once Bred For Food But Now Hunting Of Peacock Is Banned In India.

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