Today in this Modern era we all depend on Mobile phone…!! Mobiles phones has become an essential part of our life. Within a single click we can call#mail#get information#shopping#banking#chatting#gaming and many more..!!!

But do we wonder that we all are totally hypnotised by this mobile phone…Instead of writing with our own hands we all just copy pasting the things#information from google and all other sites. Children are forgetting to image the things..

Through the mobile phones we can connect with people staying far away from us..but the same mobile phone separates us from near and dear ones. We are totally engrossed in mobiles and forget about the people who care about us.

Instead of using mobile phones we can refer Books. By reading books we can increase our fantasy and our vocabulary. Children  would able to imagine#creat new things#to draw#write…! They would able to known about their likes and dislikes.

We cannot live without mobile phones in this modern age but we can read books for a while by putting our mobile phones aside.


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