National Flag

The National Flag of INDIA is a horizontal rectangular shape consists of tricolour : Saffron at the top most, White in the middle with a Navy Blue colour Ashoka Chakra (a 24 spoke wheel ) at its centre and a Green colour at its bottom .

The National Flag is also called as Tiranga.

The Flag is made by using a special type of cloth known as Khadi.

The Flag was designed by Pingali Venkayya ( a freedom fighter ) who was born in Bhatlapenumarru in Andra Pradesh.

Each tricolour in national flag tells us the important message:    

         Saffron stands for Strength and Courage of the Country.      

                           White stands for Peace And Truth.  

               Green stands for Fertility#Growth and Auspiciousness of the land.     

                            Ashok Chakra stands for Righteousness#Progress and Perpetuity.                                         The 24 spokes of the wheel represents the 24 hours of a day.



! Vande Mataram !

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