My First Blog


In Our Indian Culture Before Starting Any New Project We All Do Vinayaka Pooja

So Let Me Start My First Article On Ganpati Bappa..!!!

!! GANPATI BAPPA MORYA !! The Word Morya Is The Name Of A Person From Chinchvad, Is a Great Devotee Of Lord Ganesha..!! Which Shows An Insperable Bond Between God And Devotee…!!

The Whole Year We Wait For This Festival..!! It Is The Hindu Festival For Ten Days Which Starts in Bhadrapada {August#September}

Where People Bring Ganpati Idols To Thier Houses And Worship With Great Love And Enthusiasm..!!

People Celebrate This Festival With Prayer#Aratis#Bhajans#Kirtans#Chanting Of Vedic Hymns#Dance#

And On Last Day We Immerse The Idols In Water (Rivers#Lakes#Ponds) Due To This It Causes Water Pollution. As d Idols Are Made Up Of POP[Plaster Of Paris] Which Causes Water Pollution . So Its A Humble Request To EveryOne That Idols Should Be Made Up Of Mud#Clay#Organic products#vegetables And All Other Biodegradable products18601227_699008076966889_1690233094_n

Please Give Your Valuable Suggestion Towards The Betterment Of The Environment………………………

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